Unipex, at the core of cosmetics

Our development pole is based on constant research for new products, technologies and partnerships. Therefore, we offer constant added value at every step of the process.

Associates always nearby…

All of our field associates are technical experts and are given constant training by our principals. They will always be available to provide you with information on a product and its formulation.

... products that meet your needs

The strength of our offer relies on the synergy and complementarity of our principals products. From innovative additives to effective actives, we offer products that will give added value to your existing lines.

From product to solution, our added value

Our main goal: to increase your satisfaction by developing solutions throughout the value chain.

Creating the solution to fit your needs

To optimize our ingredients synergies, the marketing pole develops concepts in accordance to market trends that will become YOUR solution.

Do not wait any longer! Discover our SOLUTIONS in the CONCEPTS subsite!

Delivering your products where and when you want it

Our logistics service is in total control of all the aspects of the supply chain:

  • a computerized warehouse for batch management and operations traceability.
  • a personalized and customized shipping service.