The Spirit of the Senses

Sensorial Jelly Oil

Magic for the senses: oil with a jelly texture! (AJK-CE2046).

Jelly has a soft, luxurious feel that makes it ideal for massages (Palmester 1512, SchercemolTM DISM, Certified Organic Golden Jojoba).

Feels silky and evanescent upon application (Mirasil® CM5).

Oil keeps its senses over time (d-Delta Rich Tocopherols Concentrate).

Senses are awakened as skin is subtly yet effectively softened and intercellular cement is strengthened (Eldew PS-203).

S Sensual infusion of roses in oil form (Rose Hips infused oil).

Tasty Illusion Scrub

Tasty illusion with a genuine sugar exfoliant (Semi-white Pure Canne Sugar).

Tasty illusion with a smooth, cake batter texture and shea and cocoa butter derivatives (Lipex® Sheasoft et Lipex® Cocoasoft).

Consistency is thick and delicious and adjusts to skin (Plandool G).

This gentle Glucamate-derived agent facilitates rinsing (Amisoft® GS-11P).

Protected from oxidation (Akorex L, D-Delta Rich Tocopherols Concentrate).

Exotic protection prolongs the tasty illusion ( Exo-PTM).

Restful Therapy Bath

Submersion in a thick, gentle foam with foaming agents derived from sarcosinate (Soypon L30-E) and shea butter (Lipex® Shea Betaine).

Extended relaxing time thanks to long-lasting foam (Methocel 40-202).

Luxurious pampering thanks to a pair of friendly conditioners (SoftcatTM SK-M, Mirasil® DMCO).

Easy to use with a simple-to-adjust texture (GlucamateTM LT).

Therapeutic agent of fragrances and essential oils (Sisterna L-70C).

For a feeling of restful well-being, a natural preservative envelops you with a gentle, aromatic sensation (SuprapeinTM).

You feel calm, rested, and protected in a luxurious cocoon (Homeo-ShieldTM).

Oneself Illustration Mask

Upon application, texture is apparent in water phase (HydramolTM TGL, GlucamTM P-20).

Emulsion is smooth and white and rinses off with water (GlucateTM SS, GlucamateTM SSE-20, PromulgenTM D).

Can be modeled to face as desired (texture is soft and can be applied with a brush) (Lipex® Sheasoft, Plandool G, Sisterna A10E-C, SustaneTM SAIB MCT).

Dry, non-greasy feel (Palmester 1512).

Soft and gentle self-portrait thanks to a combination of a powder and silicone gum (DSPCS/20N-I2, Mirasil® C-DML).

Protected from oxidation (D-Delta Rich Tocopherol Concentrate).

A nourishing break with an active ingredient rich in vitamins and nutrients (Acaï) and reassuring with a smooth polish at the end (Lanablue®).