Unipex’ purpose is to offer its clients technical support for their pharmaceutical developments. In collaboration with our suppliers and with their knowledge, teams and laboratories, we guarantee utter technical expertise at all times from development to manufacturing and distribution.

Actives Solubilization

A molecule is active only if it is correctly solubilized; 50% of the actives on the market have solubility problems.

Our line of solubilizers helps to increase the active’s bioavailability by solubilizing it into your liquid or semi-liquid formulation.

We invite you to download the complete presentation of our solubilizing solutions using the download unit in the Products section:

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Bitterness masking

Perception of bitterness is part of a complex and poorly understood mechanisms.

With a perfect knowledge of chemistry, bitterness and flavoring perception, Firmenich has developed a revolutionary flavor masking by identifying the molecules which are competing against bitterness receptors.  This liquid or powder form product will mask bitterness of a wide range of active ingredients.

We invite you to download more information on bitterness masking using the download unit in the Products section:

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