According to ethical and economic requirements and with the increasing need to devote more efforts to research, the pharmaceutical industry is highly concerned by selecting the best prepared partners to face with them these new challenges.

Such cooperation conditions need the implementation of a thorough relation of partnership on all levels, from the search and development of new products or new applications, until the follow-up of the raw material network supply chain, through the assistance in the development of registration files (supplies of C.E.P, E-DMF and other technical caseloads).

Among the very first suppliers of fine chemistry in France, our company proposes a wide range of:

  • active, natural or synthetic molecules - generic and ethical active ingredients.
  • various excipients for dry forms (including direct compression) - standard thinners, coating, lubricating, flexible and matrices for sustain release, plasticizers, sweetening substances - and pasty forms - types emulsifying and solubilizing/promoters of absorption.
  • other components such as flavors, disinfectants, antioxydants, preservatives/antimicrobic, vitamins and neutralizing.

Sure of the innovation capacity and high technical skill of its principals, in quasi-daily contact with the majority of the pharmaceutical laboratories, UNIPEX intends to continue its efforts but also anticipate the future technological and economic challenges of this growing industry.