Customer Satisfaction Survey


1My pricing and delivery date are confirmed quickly to my satisfaction.

2I receive my products on the promised date.

3The carrier provides excellent services and is punctual.

4The products I receive from Unipex are always of high quality and come with full documentation.

5The invoice I receive is always accurate and requires no adjustment.

6When I have a question or concern, it is addressed promptly and to my complete satisfaction.

7My Unipex Sales Representative is knowledgeable and can help me find solutions to formulation or production problems.

8My Unipex Sales Representative anticipates our needs and brings a proactive sales approach to our business.

9My Unipex Sales Representative makes sales calls in a frequency that is appropriate.

10Unipex provides competitive pricing and good value.

11Unipex is amongst my top 3 distributors for satisfying my needs.

12I would recommend Unipex to a business partner.

13I would call Unipex first when starting a new project or need a quote.

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